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Happy 1st Birthday

Today (5th December) marks the 1st birthday of DJB Mortgages.

On the 5th December 2019 DJB Mortgages was established, thus making it our 1st birthday today. The first year has been exciting and testing, due to a curveball thrown in the mix with the outbreak of COVID-19 (not within the business plan).

However, we can safely say that the first year has been a great success, with 77 mortgages arranged, equating to £18,596,173 of funding. We gained a new mortgage broker to the family in September 'Simon Thornhill', and he is showing what valuable member he is to the family. We have also opened up the commercial side of the business, which allows us to service all our client's needs. We have also gained 20 5-star Google reviews, 21 Facebook recommendations, and 28 5-star VouchedFor reviews, showing that customer service and excellent mortgage advice is key to our success.

2021 is looking to be even better. We are building relationships with the local estate agent, and this allows us to help more clients achieve their perfect home or develop their property portfolio. The Government are also still to announce plans for the 'Generation Buy Scheme' which, when launched, will have another significant boost to the housing & mortgage sector. Plus, with the news of a COVID-19 vaccine approved, will no doubt keep the housing sector booming after the stamp duty holiday we have had this year.

The plan for staff development in 2021 will see Simon and myself taking our Equity Release exams, which will allow us to advise on the lifetime mortgage sector. The lifetime mortgage sector has shown a considerable increase in recent years, and due to this, we feel that we should be able to cater to all our client's needs.

So in short Happy Birthday DJB Mortgages, what a first year it has been providing mortgage advice, along with ensuring that clients are fully protected, and here is to year two.

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